Jun 21, 2011

Chapter 11


I've been wondering that I should try other music making softwares. There is that one called Reason.

It must be very good, but there is couple of things I don't like about it. It hasn't VST support, what sounds pretty weird. Maybe it has so good range of instuments in it.

I have once before tried it like three years ago or something. It was over too hard for me to understand. There was a huge work to get a one sound off from it. Piano roll looked very bad and complicated compared to FL studio's piano roll.

A huge minus is the price. It costs like 400 euros. I bet there is a trial version, maybe I check it out someday and write about it here.



Also there is Cubase, what is maybe the most high-quality program. But seems like it doesn't have any instument or drum machine build in. And it costs like hell, 600 euros.



But how I am doing. I will buy new headphones someday and get ridd of these shitty ones. Let me know if you know something very good and not so expensive.

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