May 25, 2011

Chapter 2


Now I am going to tell you what stuff I use when I am making music.

The most important thing is my laptop of course. I use an integrated soundcard, I am not a pro so I don't care much of those things. I used to use Koss headphones but those went broken so I am using now some shitty logitech headphones.

The program I am using is FL Studio 9. I have there some VSTi's installed. I also have couple of real instruments, an acoustic guitar and a keyboard ( Yamaha psr-403 ). I don't usually use them when working out something, but they give me an ispiration.

I haven't done music a long time. I could say I have done music many years, but the truth is I've been very unactive. Maybe a half hour per day, maybe less. Sometimes more than month breaks. Now I am trying to get with this blog my motivation back to this hobby.

Let's meet again in next chapter.

- Dreamer

1 comment:

  1. I like how you're a true musician and not just a hip hop beat maker purely. Talent will take you further than just a beat maker who wants cash money. ;)